From Genesis to Revelation, the name of Babylon seems to come
up, again and again, all throughout the Holy Scriptures. In
, we'll discover just what Mystery Babylon
was, how it survived, and what it has become today. We'll discover
how the enemy of the true Christian church was - and still
is - this
Babylonian system of old. We'll discover how systems that began
so long ago have not only survived, but
flourished - manipulating
so many processes in our world... even
today. This website also
provides an outlet for little-known, or otherwise suppressed, inter-
pretations of those earliest stories in the Bible.

Once we begin to understand the truths of what
Mystery Babylon
is all about, as well as these other interpretations of early Genesis,
we begin to gather new insights into what might
really be going on
in our world around us... and how to effectively deal with it!

There are two volumes already available on the subject:

     Vol. 1) "The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Way of Cain"

     Vol. 2) "The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Tower of Babel"