About Mystery Babylon
Mystery-babylon.us will go back to the beginning - all the way to the origins of Babylon, who started
it, and why. The author believes that understanding these origins are vital; an essential tool to gain
complete retention of the topic. The site goes all the way back to “day one,” detailing the progression
Mystery Babylon throughout history; even what led up to it. But, why would we need such a
complete look at this early history?

                             Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
                                                                                    - George Santayana

There is something out there, something beyond our world, lurking in the shadows of everyday life.
This “force” subtly had its part in manipulating elements of culture, politics, and religion, through-
out history. This is the force the Bible collectively coins
Mystery Babylon. But why? The city of
Babylon was what made it a powerhouse; Mystery was the route it, quite often, had to take.

The city of Babylon has almost always been the headquarters of
the greatest religious apostasy ever known, an apostasy with
tentacles spreading throughout our ancient world. This city, its
founder, as well the theologies that came from it, seem to be the
ultimate “enemy” in the Bible (both morally and spiritually). Al-
though the physical city had been lost over the years, the city,
as a symbol, a “capital of corruption,” continued on, and on,
and on, throughout the centuries.

Specific systems were formulated from this city, often political
and religious in nature, often in the shadows of everyday life.
There was an extraordinary amount of occult knowledge and
practices unleashed into the world during this time, also re-
ferred to as the Babylonian mysteries.

The ideologies promoted in this once-great city, as well as the cultural, political, and religious systems
it established over time, allowed Babylon a major hold over a great number of ancients. These “holds”
continued on, throughout empires, throughout religious establishments, and throughout socio/cultural
adaptations to our world. The successes of these systems lied in their obscurity: most people don’t
really know the origins of the ideologies they actually promote. The movement which began in the era
of Genesis would eventually manifest itself into so many different forms and faces their influences can,
now, be seen almost anywhere!

Why does it all matter? What importance does understanding these influences have on our lives today?
Although there may be a number of different fronts to this Babylonian system, the ideologies, most
always, seem to point the follower towards the same general direction. We will see how these systems,
and the people who adopted them, are ever-working to bring our world right back into the same
political, religious, and cultural states as it was in the earliest times of Babylon! This is destroying
our individual lives, our society, and our entire world - the same way it did, thousands of years ago.

To be effective, this website necessitates the reader to maintain a sense of openness and plausibility.
We will discuss a good number of little-known and seemingly-suppressed topics, all pertaining to these
early times of Genesis. Many of us probably have not heard of a lot of this, today - maybe it’s by
design. A lot of the information might, at first, sound passé, even myth or folklore, but there is a reason.
As many people have surmised, there may be two planes of existence: natural and supernatural. In
our current age, we are bombarded - via so many angles - by people telling us what can and cannot
be possible. But, just because science doesn’t support something doesn’t mean it can not, or does not,

The Bible, itself, lays out a number of supernatural elements to our world. The existence of angels,
for example, is one of them, and is a very important topic in regards to this website. If anyone truly
believes the Bible then, hopefully, the same should also believe in angels. The ancients who tran-
scribed words into our Bible sure believed in them; most people in the Old Testament era believed
in them. References to angels are scattered throughout the Holy Scriptures. So many of us concen-
trate on our everyday, natural world, and do little to take into account anything of the supernatural.
As a result, the possibilities of these elements having any validity on events that shape our world
have diminished a great deal:

The late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries saw a massive decline in the popularity of the
Christian Church in many parts of Protestant Europe… churches everywhere were being neglected and
left to fall into ruin under the impact of Newtonian science and the arrival of the Industrial Revolution.
In an age of reason and learning, there were little place for the alleged transgressions of angels, fallen
or otherwise. Most of the general public were simply not interested…
                   (Collins, 1996, p. 20)

Much of this website deals with elements that many would find fantastic, even folklore: the existence
of God, fallen angels, demons, etc. Science, as well, probably does not support most of what’s on
this site - but what aspects of the supernatural or religious world would it actually support? On top of
this, nothing in this website intentionally contradicts the words of Genesis; it only offers additional
information or other interpretations to some of its most famous stories. Eventually, it all should make
sense. An open mind in essential to help understand what makes up this “other” side to our world.
From all of this, the questions that might arise are: is the future just as the past predicted; does
history truly repeat itself? And, what relevance does the system of Mystery Babylon have on this all?
What, if anything, is working to bring so many ancient thoughts, attitudes, and ways of life, back to
our limelight, again? What thoughts of our past now are privy, who is making it that way, and why?

The result of the serpent nature in mankind is the conglomerate world system – economic, political,
and religious – prophetically called Mystery Babylon… he is “that ancient serpent called the devil
and Satan, which DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD”… (Rev. 12:9).
                              (Eby, p. 2)

Just who (or what) would this serpent be, in the whole scheme of things? What are some examples of
the cultural, political, and religious systems that were established at this time? By concentrating on
our ancient history (at least, according to the Bible), specifically on the eras before, during, and after
this establishment of Babylon, we will begin to find the answers. One part of mysterybabylon.com will
concentrate on the socio/cultural influences Babylon had on our world; the second part will concen-
trate on the political/religious influences. Providing fuel for these arguments, the information stems
from a massive collection of ancient written texts, along with the Bible. Some are common, some
more obscured; the information assembled together in such a way as one would assemble a jigsaw

The Bible gives us only so much information about our past. There is a great deal of additional tidbits
from these other ancient texts which provide closure for most of the gaps in the Genesis narrative.
From these “missing” elements, we will discover that the past, in reality, is a modem to understand
most of what is going on, today! Questions such as “why is the world in the shape it is in” should be

True, a number of people might view this ancient infor-
mation and claim, “it’s only one man’s opinion” or “there
is no real, physical evidence!” That is all true, in a sense;
but how can anyone prove, without a doubt, what really
happened in the past? Is anyone alive today who was
also alive back then? What, for the most part, we do
have now are these ancient texts and their stories. In
the website’s defense, the information herein is not a
hoard of speculation, “pet-theories,” or the like. A good
95% comes strait from these texts of old, or some ac-
credited author on the subjects. For the most part, the
website just lets these early texts speak for themselves.
The study of the earliest written information is important
for one reason:

       The farther you are away from the originals the farther you are away from the truth.
                                                                                      - Unknown

Ultimately, the expositions herein provide for the allowance of other, little-known, and compelling
views of early Biblical history. A detailed understanding of certain characters of Genesis, and their
stories as a whole, provide a great deal of fuel for understanding why things are the way they are
today as a whole. When we study these ancient stories we’ll see exactly who and what set the
“wheels” of Mystery Babylon into motion.

In today’s world, there are so many different opinions out there that many of us also don’t have a
solid moral foundation anymore. There are so many diverse opinions being tossed around that most
of us don’t have anything solid to draw from. From looking at these ancient texts, as well as Genesis,
we now have a way to make good assumptions of what God might actually mean, regarding right
and wrong, good and evil.

This ancient knowledge can provide understanding of what makes up a good number of cultural,
political, and religious beliefs in our modern society, exposing the pathways we might, unknowingly,
be following! Ultimately, the information on the site helps us solidify our own moral foundations, and
helps in our own daily walk. The understanding of our past truly is the key to our future.

To accomplish this, we need to get beyond many of the predetermined denials, or limitations of
information, to really discover what we have been missing, all these years. Sometimes, we need to
wade through the vast envoy of “smoke and mirrors” to find true answers in our world. There is so much
information that has been downplayed, altered, or just plain missing - thanks to modern day political
“interpretations.” So, in order to reinterpret a number of these widely-held notions of our past (es-
pecially those of early Genesis), as well as begin to understand how these two (the “Socio/Cultural”
and “Political/Religious”) sides of
Mystery Babylon affect us today, please read on.

Let us begin our discovery into one of the greatest forces of subtle, and not-so-subtle, change to
our history, and how it is still being accomplished today, step by step, day by day. It is accom-
plished through understanding these ancient bits of information; information which can, ultimately,
help to redefine the foundational stories of our earliest age. Each side is divided into ten sections, in
order to make these otherwise-detailed accounts easier to navigate. We recommend beginning with
"Socio/Cultural Elements" of Mystery Babylon.

                  During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
                                                                                            - George Orwell
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