What are the “Political/Religious" elements of Mystery Babylon?

In deciphering the Political/Religious elements of Mystery Babylon, we, again, return to “the
beginning.” In these ten sections, however, we need to dig even
deeper. We will not concentrate on
any cultural establishments or adaptations here, but how things became more organized, how it
actually became dogma, and how it became a major element in political and religious theologies all
around the world. We need to decipher what morphed into so much of the political thought we have
today, as well as what made the foundation of most modern religious beliefs.

In these ten sections, we again take a detailed reinterpretation of these early times; with a closer
examination into the likes of Adam, Eve, Noah, and other influencing characters in the era before the
flood. There were people in these early times responsible for establishing so much political and
religious philosophy we have now - so much, it might be a little shocking. A reprise into understanding
the importance of Cain and his descendants has to follow; exposing their eventual contributions to
our world of today.
As we’ll see, the first counter-religion began before the flood; it continued after, and eventually
morphed itself into major religious “systems,” from then on. We'll also look at the first political empire
of the post-flood world; and what emerged from this all. Both were utilized by the masses on a grand
scale; just around the time of the Tower of Babel. And both went on, to greatly influence the world, in
many ways. Next, a detailed look at the Biblical Esau, his descendants, and their contributions to this
political-religious apostasy are in order. A detailed look into the ancient division of Israel is also

Ultimately, we’ll see just how much our modern world actually parallels the era of the Tower of Babel -
the greatest organization of sacrilegious political and religious beliefs ever undertaken. So, now, let’s
continue, with a
much more detailed look at these reinterpretations of early Genesis. Again, as in
before, by the time you are done reading these ten sections, you may never look at the Bible, and our
world, in the same way again!
Political/Religious Babylon