What are the “Socio/Cultural" elements of Mystery Babylon?

In deciphering Socio/Cultural elements of this “force” the Bible calls Mystery Babylon, we will need
to go all the way back to “the beginning.” The reason we go all the way back to the six days of
Creation is that so many of the stories of early Genesis seem to relate to each other; one feeds off
another, and so on, and so on, and so on. It all progresses from the Creation.

In the next ten sections, we begin by looking at some alternate reinterpretations of the Creation, the
early times of Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden. We also deal with the problems that resulted
from their first sin; what exactly it was, and what ultimately brought it on. It also deals with Cain, the
first human born of Eve, and what influences he had on
Mystery Babylon, and the world at large. In
fact, Cain, in some circles, is equated with King
Sargon - the legendary founder of Babylon, himself!

Our reinterpretation will, then, lead up to the flood of Noah; detailing the corruption which brought on
God’s horrible time of judgment. Ultimately, we progress to an understanding of cultural adaptations
and changes that developed over time because of these influences, as well as what has continued
on, to our present day.

So, let’s begin with a detailed look at these reinterpretations, and discover the information that many
of us may have been missing, all of these years. One thing’s for sure - after you read the next ten
sections, you may never look at the Bible, and our world, in the same way again!
Socio/Cultural Babylon